Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meeting Minutes for 2/18/2013

On Monday, February 18, 2013 a second meeting was held to organize committees for the 2013 season. I will list the items discussed in order of discussion and try to give as much information about each category as possible.

  1.  Introduction to our website. Eduardo discussed promotion of our website, funding through Penrose's Paypal account, and the upcoming MOBRA meetings (which can be read about in the last blog post; information about MOBRA can be found on their site)
  2. Fundraising. As mentioned, Penrose now has a Paypal for donations. Post it on your facebook page, tell your co-workers, guilt your family. We need funding. Rochelle Wilson (i apologize for any misspelling) has made arrangements to hold a Penrose fundraiser! It will be March 30 at Black Bear Bakery in the Cherokee neighborhood. If you haven't had their bread, you should. Those folks have generously given their space so stay tuned for details.
  3. Track Task Force: We identified some major roles in running the weekly training series and divided volunteers into groups responsible for those things. 
  • Equipment Transport: These individuals are responsible for transporting all the necessary equipment for a night of racing to and from the track. They will organize amongst themselves to arrange for reliable equipment transportation each night. These members include : Tom Guttmann, Tyler Bicknese, Soli Johannes, Dave Smith, and Molly Brady
  • Registration: Each night of racing requires 1-2 people to properly manage registration. In this role, individuals on the registration committee in conjunction with Steven, will create an effective and efficient way to register all racers. These members include : Emmitt Wilson, Kayce Shelton, Emilie Duchow, Kevin Wayman, and Justin Allen

      4. Pre-Season Track Prep: As of now, Penrose is in pretty poor shape for the upcoming season. 
          After a summer of racing with extremely hot temperatures, the rain, ice, and snow of winter, and 
          the general wear and tear from the elements, Penrose needs some TLC. Doing some minor 
         patching is the most practical option. Robert Mayfield will be looking into a compound used on
         other tracks and Scott Ogilvie will be looking into having the city cover the cost and labor of the
         patching. Some other basic maintenance is required. This Saturday, March 23, will be an                         
         assessment day. Bring rakes, brooms, shovels, leaf blowers etc. This will be a basic clean up.
      5. Digital management: We have a lot of folks interested in helping to manage Penrose's website. 
          As of now, Luke Bligh is the primary source behind the site. As we progress into the season he
          will set up and corresponding facebook and twitter account for Penrose, and will be in contact
          with interested parties about helping to manage those accounts.
      6. Track Clinics: Starting March 7, SpokedSTL will be sponsoring a pre-season set of "clinics"
          aimed at attracting new riders and making them feel comfortable on the track while promoting
          safe use of Penrose. Matt Hartman will be posting the schedule once the final details are worked
          out. We do ask that some of our more seasoned riders make an effort to attend. It is incredibly 
          important that our new racers learn safety, and having elite and masters racers out there will help
          in showing proper etiquette and form (plus they get to be "wowed!" by all that speed!)

The track cup is returning, the April MOBRA meeting is all about track, and there's still a lot to do. 

This is all I have time for - hope it was helpful.


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